Robionetics is a broad name that stands for Robotics, Biomemitics and Intelligent computational systems. I am going to explain each of them so that we can have a better understanding of what really goes on in our current world.

Intelligent computational systems are methodologies inspired by nature to handle complex real life issues and problems which cannot be handles traditionally or mathematically. The issue (problem) might be too tough for any mathematical approaches or might contain irregularities in the process. This kind of Robionetics handles tasks that cannot be translated into binary form of 0 and 1. This method utilizes less exact or a not complete knowledge – They are near-human reasoning that uses 5 main techniques that work together.

They include evolutionary computing (which is solely based on natural selection); Artificial neural Networks(a way of learning experimental data) ; probabilistic technique(for precision of any form of uncertainties); Ability to learn and understand natural language (fuzzy logic) and also learning theory! This is how Computational intelligence so much portray a human-like characteristic.

Robotics on the other hand is the use of robots to conduct operations that a human being cannot with their own hands. This is by indulging them in dangerous operations such as working in manufacturing industries – places where lifting of heavy objects is needed or exposure to dangerous chemicals that could harm human skin when it comes in contact with them or when inhaled.

Engineers and computer scientists design and construct and also use the robots alongside other systems of computer to control them, receive a sensory feedback and process various kinds of information. They thus resemble humans cognitively, in behavior and external appearance to result in what in current advances is called bio-inspired robots. Over the years since 1920, there has been a serious effort to develop robots into objects that mimic humans in all aspects.

Biomimetics is a copying elements and systems of nature to sort out complex problems that relate humans – a study of structure and formation as well as functions of various biological substances such as enzymes and also mechanisms such as photosynthesis and protein synthesis so as to synthesize the same artificially. Living things have developed adapted structures in broad geological time by natural selection. Biomimetics has established amazing technologies for biological solution to find answers for issues of nature in our ever existence.

Nature has sorted out and solved problems (engineering problems) such as self-healing, resistance and tolerance on environmental exposure.  In one way or another robionetics had proved a great future of discoveries and advancement in as much as their contribution is concerned. There have been projects such as developing automated fume control systems in vehicles (automobiles); stability and performance analysis Temperature control system and also Vegetable greenhouse Intelligent Temperature control system. These have been of great importance.

There have been conferences to discuss way forward for such an endeavour such as 2013 IEEE International Conference on robotics, Biomimetics and Intelligent Computation Systems.